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Pop Shopify Theme (FREE)

Discussion in 'Shopify Themes' started by Shopify Theme, Jun 28, 2018.

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    Pop Shopify Theme


    Pop’s a minimal style choice for stores that deal with smaller quantities of products, and wish to focus all attention on a smaller batch of products where more exposure is required. A good example would be a beauty shop where you sell particular beauty products, perhaps a shop for selling a specific blend of tea’s and then promoting other tea related products. A very brand-oriented template that features a sidebar-navigation. The wonderful bit, there are a few styles to explore that will give you a better feel for how the template can be used. Even kids stores are using this one, so the market is open for exploration.

    As some users have pointed out, the lack of a search function can be distressing, but then again — if you’re only selling 5 products, they will all fit on the homepage seamlessly, and you won’t need a search function at all. You could always create a custom one though. The colors are very lightweight, and soothing, but as with any Shopify theme, within the theme editor panel you can adjust the colors to whatever spectrum you like.

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