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Supply Shopify Theme (FREE)

Discussion in 'Shopify Themes' started by Shopify Theme, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Shopify Theme

    Shopify Theme Administrator Staff Member

    Supply Shopify Theme


    Shopify caters themes to all store sizes, including those with a larger set of products. Supply is a fitting name for this template, because it will allow you to host a large supply of products on a template that’s built with digital/electronic stores in mind. The navigation has been designed to allow the customer to jump from one category to another seamlessly, with things like related products, top selling products and other product categories exposed to the visitor constantly.

    When you look at the demo styles, it becomes apparent that Supply can be turned into a store theme for luxury items, but also things like furniture. That’s the freedom of these amazing and free Shopify themes. Customers who use the Supply theme seem to love the search/navigation feature the most, outlining how easy it is for the customer to navigate products and ultimately make their purchases. Works on desktop, mobile, and tablets with full responsive integration.

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